I’m Now a Huge Fan of AMOS

I only recently started shopping online after many years of attempted gentle push from my family who found it hard to believe that I had never shopped online before even though the internet has been around for a long, long time now. I’m not sure why they find it so shocking, I guess that’s just the way things are now? I should adapt, I know.

Anyway, after a lot of worry and research I finally discovered an online store called AMOS who were fortunate enough to be the first ever online retailer to take my money, although not the last since it was a very positive experience for me. Shocking to hear that, right?

The First Purchase Was…

I’m guessing you’re all very excited to hear what I bought, right?

Well, drum roll please…

I got myself a very boring air purifier but it’s something that was necessary for me because I have problems with my airways and also don’t like any smells roaming in the air throughout my house after cooking a tasty Indian dish. It’s something I needed for a while.

I have to say that I was presently surprised with the quality of the product considering the very affordable price, and was also very impressed with the great customer service shown by the team at AMOS as I had a couple of questions for them before placing my order and they were more than happy to help, a very friendly bunch of people which is thankfully why my first experience of online shopping is such a good one. Will definitely buy again!

Who are AMOS?

They’re an online retailer who design, create and sell a good selection of stylish, innovative and fun products from categories like electronics, fashion and home & garden.

I actually discovered them by doing a good old Google search, something I do often use unlike shopping websites, but you know I’m not going to harp on about that because I think I just reached a turning point. This was a good experience for me and I would feel very safe ordering from AMOS again although I may need more time to trust other sites!

Share with Me

Since I’m new to this whole online shopping thing, I would like some input from you, my loyal visitor. I want you to suggest some great online stores to me so I can order again.

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